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Welcome to Performance Edge, where performance and well-being are seen as unbreakably linked to long-term performance. We believe in a human first approach and focus on supporting clients to understand who they are as a foundation for what they do, whether that’s in sport, business or life.

We are a performance psychology consultancy based in the South of England but working globally with clients, providing support to individuals, teams and organisations to recognise and understand their performance vision, values and the day-to-day actions that align with these.

At the heart of our practice we value the individual needs of our clients as we help them manage the demands of the environment that they operate in; enabling high performance whilst recognising what supports it. Our approach focusses on individuals, groups and the complex dynamics that create longer term high performance, where ‘thriving’ rather than just ‘surviving’ is key to achieving success under pressure.

We have worked for over a decade in high performance sports and use this experience, alongside the latest from psychological research, to underpin what we do and how we do it. It’s important to us that we make sport psychology accessible and applicable to our clients, you are the expert on you after all! We are here to facilitate self-awareness and self-development, helping you feel you have the tools and strategies needed to manage your performance world effectively.


We are guided by your needs

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We seek to enhance performance & well-being 

We provide bespoke performance support for individuals, teams and organisations

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