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What is Spotlight?

A simple yet powerful tool designed with performance in mind

Excerpt from SpotlightPROFILE website:

Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport, SpotlightPROFILE  is designed  to be practical, memorable and relevant to the modern world

People change when there’s something to be won and lost.

We know that it isn’t enough to just understand ‘Behavioural Style’, we also have to consider ‘Mindset’. Put simply, some people are trying to win, whilst others are trying not to lose – with both proving to be successful strategies when applied skilfully

To thrive, we have to be able to FLEX our behavioural style and COPE in a variety of ways.

The philosophy of the Spotlight suite of products is less focussed upon “where you are” and instead places the emphasis on “where you can get to”


Spotlight Tool: About

Spotlight Performance Profile Tool

Get the best out of yourself and understand others


Using a combination of workshops, coaching, and 121 development sessions, Spotlight can be used by organisations to embed a new way of thinking about performance and people

Our clients begin by completing the simple online questionnaire, taking around 15 minutes 

The in-depth Spotlight reports are then generated along with corresponding team maps

It’s often best to bring together a whole team, or group of individuals to experience a Spotlight workshop


2 hours group or individual

Half day

Full day

During the workshop individuals explore the models, understand their own and their team’s preferences, and coach one another in how to FLEX and COPE

Following a workshop, we recommend that each Spotlight profile is also individually debriefed. This brings the learning to life for the individual, helping them connect with other more effectively, and thrive in their roles

If you want to find out more about how Spotlight can benefit you and your environment please do get in touch

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