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Sarah Murray

Senior Psychologist and Human Being

Sarah has over a decade of experience working in professional sport, education and business. 9 years of which include a full time role overseeing performance psychology at a premier league football club. Sarah has a passion for working with people, hence she can be found with elite and non elite teams, athletes, coaches and across sport, education and business to enhance human performance and develop understanding of what a healthy high performance cultures look and feel like.

Her aim is to improve performance and facilitate positive change driven by the client’s needs. Sarah takes a human-centred approach that provides personal programmes of support enabling the performer to reach their potential and sustain positive performance changes. Firmly believing that we are humans first and athletes, coaches, leaders second.

Previously to her work in Football, she has worked with individual athletes and teams including the ECB, various professional golfers, England Athletics AASE programmes, England Lacrosse, Football Referees Association and Sport Coach UK.

Sarah has also been a senior lecturer in Sport Psychology at the University of Chichester using her applied to experience to support the next generation of Sport Psychologists whilst maintaining her applied work within professional sport.

Sarah graduated from Brighton University with a degree in Sport Science and then completed a PGCE in PE teaching. After 8 years as a Physical Education teacher she decided to pursue her passion for the psychology of performance and completed an MSc in Sports Psychology at Brunel University

Sarah is a British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) accredited Sport & Exerise Psychologist, she is also registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is an accredited Spotlight Practitioner

Sarah has many years coaching and playing experience in sport and has spent much time working with young athletes due to her teaching background. Her own sporting experience is extensive, having played national league Hockey and represented at regional level in Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and Football. She can still be found on the nearest trails or gym most weeks!​

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My Vision My Values

My vision  

To help performers explore their WHY

Taking a values based approach to performance improvement because purpose drives commitment and commitment drives performance

When we know our “why" we can start to align our how and our what towards our goal

My values  

Human First




"We are what we do not what we say we will do"

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