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Football Medicine and Performance Association (FMPA)
Bringing Wellbeing into the Performance Picture


Training Ground Guru Podcast
How do we make wellbeing a key part of performance?

Fatigue is not just physical - Assessing and using mental fatigue in applied sports with @ivicasagrande

My Mate in HR
The Career Sessions

Series 9 - Episode 17 Sarah Murray (Psych smoothie)
Rusty and Sarah Murray discuss psychology in coaching including spending time doing me-search,  well-being and performance, intent for inaction, Melchester Rovers and turning the fruit bowl into a smoothie... enjoy!

Working With Parents In Sport (WWPIS)
Parent parent OR Sport Parent how do we differentiate 

500 word letter to sports parents Blog

Identity and youth football, navigating the support needed to have a healthy sense of who they are

The emotional impact of going on loan, adding psychologists to EPL coaching teams and the elements of successful leadership

Soccerfit Queen Podcast with Erica Suter:

The female athlete identity,
building confidence in young athletes.
Multidirectional Resilience

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